My Works

Published author, writing as Sylvia L'Namira, of the following works:


Terpesona. Published by GagasMedia, 2012

Kau: Cinta pada Pandangan Pertama. Published by GagasMedia, 2011

Mi Familia. Published by Lingkar Pena Publishing House, 2008


La Tahzan for Single Mothers. Published by Lingkar Pena Publishing House, 2009


The Keyword : Perpustakaan di mata masyarakat. Published by Perpustakaan UIN Sunan Kalijaga, Perpustakaan Kota Yogyakarta and community, May 2011

Jumpalitan Menjadi Ibu. Published by Lingkar Pena, 2011.

La Tahzan Lovely Lebaran. Published by Indie Publishing, 2011.

Be Strong Indonesia! Published by, 2011 - charity
program. All profit goes to Merapi Victims.

Ramadhan on Delivery - Mobile content short stories ( and Indosat & XL providers), 2010

La Tahzan for Working Mothers. Published by Lingkar Pena Publishing House, 2009

Makan Tuh Cinta! Published by Gradien, 2008.

Kumpulan Cerita Anak Fantasi. Published by Ganeca - Azka, 2007.

Flash! Flash! Flash! Kumpulan cerita sekilas. Published by Gradien,

Biarkan Aku Mencintaimu Dalam Sunyi. Published by Gradien, 2006.

Ortu, Kenapa Sih? Published by Cinta, 2006.


The Teashop Girls / Laura Schaefer. Published by Noura Books, 2013

Flipped / Wendelin Van Draanen. Published by Lingkar Pena Publishing House, 2011


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