Saturday, December 07, 2013

The Brave Little Tailor (A Classic Tale) -- Jane Belk Moncure


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Read in December, 2013

A classic tale about the brave little tailor. He killed seven flies in one blow and decided that the whole world should know about this.

So he made a trip and met a giant. The giant tried to kill him, but didn't succeed. Then the King heard about his bravery and invited him to stay near the castle.

One day the King gave him a task, to kill two giants. The brave little tailor was promised half of the kingdom and the princess, if he succeed in this task. And he did. But the King won't give him the prize.

He gave the brave little tailor another task and again, he succeed.

The King turned out to be a greedy King. He decided to kill the brave little tailor in order to keep the half kingdom and his daughter.

Will the brave little tailor be able to safe himself?

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