Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jane Eyre -- Charlotte Bronte

Jane Eyre Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jane, a courageous girl with principle. She received injustice since childhood and I think that made her character strong. A lot like me, but not the injustice part though, I mean the character ;)

At the beginning of first chapter, I found it hard to follow her story. First of all because I’m not used to reading classics literature, and it’s a bit hard to understand the language. My motivation went downhill and made me put Jane aside for a few days, checked out the DVD instead just to finish it fast, since my friend already done in a month *yes, that’s you Erie! You left me behind in that haunted room* hu hu. But then I changed my mind and returned the DVD *glad I did it*

Finally after two months, with cheers and motivations given by Dini and Erie, I finally finished it. YAY!

I found it hard to like Mr. Rochester, and the book didn’t help me understand why Jane could love him, a man who were described as a middle aged man with an ugly face (in the movie he’s not that bad looking), and an authority character who always gave commands. But watching the movie help me understand why Jane falls in love with him. Jane had no dad since she was a child, right? And that means she didn’t get a father figure in her life, plus her uncle died. She found it in Mr. Rochester, that’s why she loved him (Hmm… I could be a psychologist now)

The young Jane didn’t appreciate Mr. Rochester’s idea in making her his mistress, because at that time, bigamy was prohibited and Mr. Rochester could go into jail for doing that. But still he tried to wed Jane and ready to take the risk in order to be with her. I liked him then. I liked his courage and his great love for Jane. But when Jane ran away from him, I could understand it, too.

When she met her cousins, whom she didn't know about, I couldn't believe how relief I am, and how happy I am for her. It shows how Bronte could bring out her emotions and pour it into her book and reach my emotions when I read it. It made me gasp in horror, yell in frustration and cheer in happiness. Plus, there are meaningful conversations shared between Jane and Mr. Rochester that I like. The curious questions from Mr. Rochester and the smart reply from Jane made me smile. Well, what can I say more? I fell in love with Jane!

Jane Eyre is the first classic novel I’ve ever read. And I’m sure this won’t be the last. Already I made a list of other classic novels I want to read. I’m sure I would enjoy them as much as I enjoy Jane Eyre.

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