Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Time Keeper -- Mitch Albom

The Time Keeper (Hardcover) by

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A really, really good book about time.

Dor always curious about time. He measures days and nights with stick and stones. Later, he will be called Father Time. One day, Alli, Dor's wife, gets sick and dying. Dor, who always spends his time with his sticks and stones, feels guilty and vows to stop her suffering. He runs to Nim's tower to ask God to stop Alli's pain. But as a punishment (or reward, depends on how you see it) Dor was locked in a cave. He cannot get away and he must listens to people's suffering because of his invention: TIME.

People want to stop time.
People want the time to go faster.
People want yesterdays.
People want tomorrow.
There's no ending of the request. And Dor has to listen to them all.

After six thousand years locked in the cave, Dor is released with a condition: He must help two people on Earth. One is asking for time to stop, and the other one wants to live beyond time. That's when Dor meets Sarah Lemon and Victor Delemonte.

Sarah is a high school smart girl. But smart won't give her a boyfriend. So when one day at a community Sarah meets Ethan, a cool and handsome boy, who greets her with a special nick name "Lemon-ade" Sarah falls in love. But when Ethan reject her, Sarah feels the world ends and she wants to commit suicide.

Victor is a rich man in his eighties. He is diagnosed with cancer but he won't give up. He wants to live forever because he could not imagine the world without him. So he researches scientific possibilities to be able to live in another lifetime. He wants to practice the science of cryonics. He will be put in a cylinder, freeze his body, and when the medical world find cure for his illness, he will be awake and cured.

But will they get what they want with their lives? When God is the only one who decide our fate.

Buku ini bagus banget! So it deserved 5 stars from me. I won't be able to read another book for a while now.
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