Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Wedgieman: A Hero Is Born -- Charise Mericle Harper


A funny book with nice illustrations, suitable for children grade 1-3 who are reading on their own.

One day a superhero was born. His name is Veggiebaby. He loves vegetables. All those vegetables made Veggiebaby very healthy, so he grew fast and one day he turned into Veggieboy.

Veggieboy practices his superhero skills. It was not easy but he keeps trying until he succeed.

After a while, he turned into Veggieman. He is a grown-up now so he uses his superhero skill to help other people. One day after Veggieman helps a boy who were stuck up on the tree, children cheers on him.

"Yay! Wedgieman! Our hero!"

"No, wait," said Veggieman. "It's Veggieman, not Wedgieman!"

But the children prefer his new name. Veggieman tries to protest, but the children won't budge. And his new name stuck.
This book is really good in setting examples on how eating vegetables makes people strong and healthy. Children would love it!

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