Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tangled (Hello, Gorgeous! #3) -- Taylor Morris

Tangled (Hello, Gorgeous! #3)

I really love it. A perfect book for teenagers, about family, friendship, and finding your love.

It all started with 4 friends: Mickey, Eve, Kristen, and Lizbeth. They go to the same school and always together. Mickey has a best friend, Jonah, who is also her neighbor. One day, Mickey finds out that Jonah and Eve are going together. She thought she feels happy. How could she not? Both of her BFF are going out. She can't wait to hang out with them!

In the middle of that, a reality TV show comes to her mother's salon, and wants her salon to be in their show. It all because of one text message from Mickey, who thought her mother's salon should be in their show. Her mother likes it like a wart in her face. She goes ballistic and panic, and wants out of it. But Mickey's dad convinces her, that this will be good for the promotion. So, her mom relents.

Mickey now responsible in helping the process of making her mother's salon looks best in the TV show. She acts like a host, and shows them around. But she made a terrible mistake by saying something about the salon that the TV person should never know.

Her mom gets angry with her, and she also finds out that Eve and Jonah like to hang out without her, and her friends are boy-crazy, and leaving her alone with Kyle to listen to her problems.

Will Mickey be able to untangle the problems she has with the salon, her mom, and her friends?

Find out in this teenlit book.
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